The entirety of our twenties were spent working toward, what we considered at the time, the definition of success. We spent years focused on careers that demanded long hours and endless attention with the goal of climbing further up the corporate ladder.

“…we tried filling the void with more money and more possessions.”

As our happiness began to deteriorate, we tried filling the void with more money and more possessions. Work harder. Make more money. Buy more things. It finally sunk in this wasn’t working. Our unhappiness grew even larger. Our frustration built.

One day during an everyday conversation with a good friend, the idea of van life was first brought up to us. We were told the story of his co-worker who recently decided to quit his job in exchange for a full-time life living in a van, traveling the country, and working jobs that brought him joy.

“It didn’t take long to make the choice.”

The idea seemed so radical at first but slowly made so much sense. It later baffled us how we didn’t think of it before. Quit the jobs. Make less money. Need less stuff. It didn’t take long to make the choice to work towards this new way of living; to work towards happiness.

During the following six months we put a plan in place. We settled on building our own van over buying a commercial RV for many reasons, but mostly so this new space would meet our every need. Since neither of us had any building experience, we dove into the internet seeking examples of those that came before us.

“…easily became the most liberating experience of our lives.”

After a few months, we had a design and a plan in place. What came next was what we like to call “the purge of stuff and things” and easily became the most liberating experience of our lives.

The six months succeeding our purge was consumed by the construction of our rig, which came to be known as Split. The build tested our patience and fortitude like nothing that had come before.

“The build tested our patience…”

In the end, we had built something together we looked upon with a sense of unparalleled accomplishment. We packed the possessions we deemed vital and set off on what has become the most incredible adventure of our lives.

Meet the Family

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